New Birthing Centre, RCH Treliske

Lilly Lewarne were commissioned by RCHT in 2013 to develop a strategy for enabling the creation a New Birthing Centre at Treliske Hospital. This exciting commission comprised a total of three phases that resulted in the reconfiguration and refurbishment of the existing Neo Natal and Post Natal departments to enable the introduction of the New Birthing Centre facility in the former Neo Natal ward. The designs for the new Neo Natal, Post Natal and Birthing Centre departments were the result of a thorough design development process coordinating the ambitions, ideas and opportunities brought by many stakeholders, end users and design team members. Lilly Lewarne were commissioned to develop the technical design in 2016 and would work, alongside the construction team, towards the successful delivery of the project. The New Birthing Centre at Treliske was the final phase of the multi million pound investment made in the maternity department at Treliske, seeking to increase capacity and also improve the birthing experience for families across Cornwall.
The New Birthing Centre was designed to be “a home from home” and a midwife led unit, yet with the ability for medical intervention if required. It is anticipated that the New Birthing Centre could support the birth of 1,200 babies each year and Lilly Lewarne are proud to have been part of the team that assisted in the delivery of this very special facility.