Fairglen Phase 2, Passivhaus Development, Hayle

Lilly Lewarne designed 20 new Passivhaus Eco homes for Phase 2 of Fairglen in Hayle for Percy Williams & Sons Ltd Construction on Phase 2 commenced in May 2016 with each terraced/semi-detached unit being constructed to meet full Passivhaus standards. Passivhaus was originally a German concept on Eco house construction that ultimately the aim is to achieve over 80% lower heating bills.

Fairglen Phase 2 has been designed to achieve an Energy Performance Rating and an Environmental Impact CO² Rating of Band A. This is being achieved alongside the Passivhaus PHPP calculations by providing a 3.0kWp photo voltaic array per dwelling.

One of the key aspects of the design detailing has been the elimination of thermal bridging at junctions. Architectural details have been thermally modelled by Warm: Low Energy Building Practice and the design details have been developed through close dialogue between design team members to help eliminate and minimise possible thermal bridging.

As this project involves Passivhaus construction, there have been notable changes in the sequencing of the construction works on site, when compared to a standard construction programme. Passivhaus requires buildings to achieve an airtight envelope with extremely low levels of air leakage, so great care and attention is being taken during the design and construction phases to minimise potential air leakage.